Dear Tango friends! We're pleased to invite you to the first international Tango Marathon "Ojos Negros" which takes place in
Montecatiny Terme, Italy on 2019 March 29-31 

Marathon owes its name to Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “Black Eyes”, with the great Marcello Mastroianni in the main role. The film was shot in 1987 in Montecatini Terme and also this event served as the beginning of the annual festival of Russian-Italian culture in this unique corner of Tuscany. The city is located near Florence, in close proximity to such historical and cultural centers as Pisa, Luca, Siena. Its beautiful architecture, exquisite fountains, majestic parks and ancient Baths for centuries have attracted visitors from all over the world, including film, art, sports and politics stars. The most important treasure of the city is the unique thermal springs, known since the 15th century. The healing mineral waters of Tuscany were the reason for the construction of the famous resort city, the favorite resting place of aristocrats. Madonna added fame to the place by launching a line of cosmetic products based on the healing mud of thermal springs. The city is unusually beautiful, in the spring it is immersed in flowers and fragrances, the best view from the height of the Montecatini Alto hill, the old city, surrounded by a fortification wall, where you can climb the funicular railway, the oldest in Europe.
From the station to the hotel you can walk along the main street in 15 minutes.


The marathon program includes three day milongas (March 29-31) and two night milongas (March 29 and 30)

29-31 March 2019 

28 march

Check-in hotel

19:30 - Walk to the old town of Montecatini Alto, the funicular and dinner are NOT included in the marathon price


29 march

14:00 - 18:00 Day milonga

21:00 - 03:00 Night milonga


30 march

14:00 - 18:00 Day milonga 

21:00 - 03:00 Night milonga 


31 march

14:00 - 18:00 Day milonga

Marco Sambo - Italy
el Popul Castello - Italy
Serge Baczynsky - Russia

International DJ Team 

A place: Astoria Montecatini Terme Hotel 

All the marathon milongas will be at the Hotel Astoria, Montecatini Terme. A beautiful cozy old hotel in classic Italian style is designed for luxurious furnishings and home comfort. It is located in the city center, in a park area, a 15-minute walk from the station and 50 meters from the city’s main attraction, Therm Tettuccio. Fresh, clean, ringing air, elegant decor of the rooms, cozy verandas .... For three days the hotel is fully available for the participants of the marathon, accommodation and milongas are in one place. It is gives the opportunity to immerse yourself  in tango and, if necessary, make a short rest in the room, near of the dance floor. The price of the hotel includes breakfast and dinner. For you, traditional Tuscan cuisine served in a refined restaurant. In addition, snacks, fruit, water and tea during the marathon.

The hotel has repeatedly held tango events, big seminars and milongas, so we can say that in this place you will feel the “flavor of tango”. The beauty will be added by the decor and the wonderful view of the beautiful garden from the huge windows from floor to ceiling.

Price & Check-in 


Registration for the marathon will begin on January 20, 2019


1. Registration of participation in the marathon is required. Payment of individual milongas is not provided.
2. You can register with a couple and without. Registration in pair is preferable.
3. When registering in a pair, each of the partners must fill in the registration form.
4. Within 7 days we will try to give you an answer on the approval of your application or on placing it on the waiting list.
5. The final confirmation of participation in the marathon is payment for an approved application.




The cost of the marathon is 80 euros. If you pay after March 10, 2019 115 euros. Return of participation fee is imposible. It is possible to replace the participant in consultation with the organizers.
The cost of living in the hotel Astoria Montecatini Terme 48 euros per day per person in a double room. The room rate includes breakfast, dinner and snacks during the milongas.


Special offer 

Marathon participants are given a visit to Term Tettuccio in the morning with a discount.


Contact us:

+7 926 706 05 60
Elena Semeshko